Vitamin B

Vitamin B For Mouth Sore

For a while my mouth had hurt as I had  hot food or citrus, and soon I developed some mouth sores, which is one of chemo side effects.  While I was looking for a remedy, I told Dr. M, my cancer friend in Japan, about the mouth sores. She told me to take Vitamin B.

Vitamin B6 and B12 are already in my medicine box as my oncologist recommended them for the numbness and tingling of my feet and hands. As I took it, next day I felt already better, and in a week, my mouth sores were completely healed.  It is really amazing!

I am so thankful for Dr. M, who is like my free private doctor.

 Aloe for Preventing Granuloma

I have developed a hand-foot syndrome from Xeloda as well.  This side effect has made my hands and feet dry and shriveled. As if a too small plastic glove on my hand starts breaking because it didn’t fit on me, my skin started cracking along with the wrinkles.  I wear gloves and use ointment several times a day, but even around the nails has begun to hurt even when I press something a little with the fingers or feel sore when cutting onions or fruits.

This may be a sign of granuloma that I had to have  surgery for last year.  I don’t want to go through such trouble any more, so now I am rubbing aloe 100% gel several times a day and it seems helpful.

 Reducing the dose of Xeloda and Tykerb

As I told about the recent side effects, the oncologist surprised me telling that it is ok to reduce the dose if the side effects get worse.

She said “if”, but this suggestion was too appealing to resist. Next day I changed Xeloda from 6 tables to 5 on top of Tykerb that I have already reduced the dose from 5 to 4 tables.

I hope they are still effective and if the new dose eases the side-effects, I ‘d like to stay on the current medicine saving T-DM1 for a while.

New Joy For the Approved T-DM1

Although I hope that I don’t need to jump on T-DM1, my joy was renewed when I saw people at church excited with me learning that my longed-fo medicine is now available.

I realized that my wish came true because so many people helped me signing on the petition, and praying for me.

This is all God’s Grace and I cannot help saying again,