June, 2010

I was born on Oct. 21st, 1954 in Japan.  I never ever imagined  I would have a breast cancer, but on 5/7/2010, I was told that I had Infiltrating Ductal Carcinoma, Estrogen receptor-negative, Progesterone receptor-negative, HER 2 positive.

Infiltrating Duct Carcinoma is the most common type of breast cancers but my particular one, HER2 Positive takes about 25% of this type and is aggressive with high risk of reoccurring.  The good news is a new drug Herceptin has been invented and this works well.

I have no family history of cancer.  I neither drink nor smoke, and love all kinds of vegetables and fruits, so why me?  Since I found the lump, I have been on an emotional rollercoaster ride.  Yet, surprisingly more unexpected things have happened at the same time:  I have been receiving constant encouragements, prayers, and supports from family, friends, work, and church every day.  Honestly, I had underestimated the power of the church.  As if countless white cells surrounded  the cancer cells to attack, being surrounded by countless supporters, who empower my spirit, I am now confident that I can pass through this storm of breast cancer.

Since 1997 supporting organ transplant international patients as a Grain of Wheat Inc. volunteer, I have met numerous families who fought for their loved ones’ lives. They, who faced not only fear of death, but also the hardships of living in an unknown foreign country with unfamiliar language and having to raise a fund for the eye-opening huge medical cost, are my heroes; they encourage me tremendously to beat this cancer.

Because Grain of Wheat is for families who are facing life-threatening challenges, I will post my journal here hoping that my experience of breast cancer  helps those, and to update about myself for people who support me, .

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