going Up

Breath of an insect

This is the end.

I am going up.

Thank you for all you have done.

God’s good all the time!

42 thoughts on “going Up

  1. You truly ran the race that God planned out for you. I am Blessed to have known you. God speed, Kathy.

  2. My heart is so heavy right now and I only see your smiling face. You are loved by me and so many. Send us all a big WOW from up there as His arms encircle you.

  3. “Well done though good & faithful servant – enter in to the joy of your JLord”

    Than you for being a great partner with me in God’s work – see you in a while – no cancer new body -together forever

    ❣️Daisuke Zuyo -chan❣️

  4. Kathy, you will forever be the example for me of someone who has a complete faith in God. I am a stronger Christian for having known you.

  5. Kathy, you are the most brave woman that I know.
    I am very blessed to know you and share our life together in Jesus.
    May God be with you as always.
    I love you.

  6. I love you,Kathy, God loves you so much. I’m blessed to know you. Thank you, I’ll miss you. See you there. Peace be with you.

  7. Kathy, you have lived such a beautiful life. Your warmth and love towards others was evident every time we were together. Even as a small child it was obvious to me that you were a truly kind soul. I love you very much and wish so much that your time on this side of heaven could be longer. Know that you have been a light in darkness for so many people; a true blessing and inspiration to us as mom fought her fight. Please Give her a big hug and kiss when you see her. Enjoy the party that is happening on your behalf.

  8. You fight harder than any other, your reward will be great, GOD IS GOOD, and know that suffering, sorrow, pain will be NO MORE! I will never forget you, and your desire to know God and share that love with others in need. We will all be together soon. I love you Kathy Baum.

  9. You have been a true friend. Always concerned about my well-being and not dwelling on your own. Such a generous spirit!
    I will always see you walking toward me on the Esplanade with that great big smile on your face no matter how you were feeling.
    We have had such deep and wondrous talks. Your wisdom is such a blessing.
    I love you – love never ends.

  10. My dearest Kathy, thank you so very much for your testimony of strength, grace, love, and all the fruit of the Spirit. You are a wonderful cousin and friend. Sharon & I love you dearly and continue to pray for you, your boys, and George.

  11. I am so blessed to have you in my life Kathy. I thank George for bringing you into our family.
    You are a very special person. I will always remember when you traveled from California and stayed with us and it snowed and you were thrilled.
    Thank you for all the emails you sent, it made the miles between us seem shorter. I will always love you KathY, with love , Aunt Pat

  12. Sweet Kathy,

    I will always remember your evident & encouraging
    faith expressed on your blog regardless of what was going on.
    God only knows the impact of your witness & testimony on
    Hundreds & thousands of friends, family & people.
    I will miss you, your sweet smile & your love for our Lord.

  13. Dear Kathy I only know of you through George. A friend from many years ago. Know that you are cherished by many but most by our Lord. Your life and faith have blessed me and renewed my own faith in many ways. Thank you. You are an angel unaware. A sweet sacrifice. A beautiful soul. Sending love. Lesa

  14. Kathy, there are no words to describe the thankfulness that is in my heart for you! You have been such an inspiration for all those who meet you. My cousin has been blessed beyond measure by taking you as his wife. Our family has been blessed beyond measure by having you in it! I love you Kathy…well done good and faithful servant,well done!

  15. Receiving your message on this rainy morning,
    I begin to reflect the memories of things we did together,
    cooking, raising, talking, sharing.
    I will miss you.

    Thank you for being what you are.

  16. Dear Kathy,

    I so appreciate and admire your faith and the way you have clung to Jesus through such a difficult time. I have never met you, but hearing about you and reading your blog has been a great blessing. I loved the part in the Screwtape Letters when C.S. Lewis talks about a young man who was a Christian who was killed and about how he had left this life behind and had gone into that great light before which the demon could only shudder and hide his eyes. I know that soon you will see Him face to face and I know that there will be great rejoicing in heaven with your arrival there. I look forward to the chance to talk with you there. You have truly fought the good fight…..finished the course….and kept the faith. My thanks to our Father the light that shines through you.

  17. You are a true inspiration to so many in your walk with Jesus. Remember, Kathy, to walk through the cupboard door, into the wonderful realms of Narnia, to be greeted by Aslan. No fear or sadness but eternal love. Save me a place at the lunch table, just where our friendship began at middle school. Love you Kathy.

  18. Kathy~ What an inspiration you have been to all of us! We love you and will miss you fabulous spirit here on earth, but as you say God is good all the time!

  19. Dear My friend Kathy ..
    I love you Kathy.
    God is so good. God is so good.
    “You’re very good job.. my daughter kathy”God will say to you like that in heaven.
    Kathy ..i will miss you….
    You are always be in my heart..thank you for your true love and your love for our Lord.

  20. Kathy: You are in our thoughts and prayers. You have been an inspiration to all of us; you have touched so many lives. Love to you and your family.

  21. Beloved Kathy….you have been such a courageous warrior fighting this monstrous cancer but your faith and your trust in the Lord has been a testament to all who love and know you. Our prayer for you, George and your family is that God’s Grace surround you with comfort and peace. We love you Kathy and George…Lindy & Andy

  22. As the hours pass code I think of you and pray for you for comfort and peace

    You are loved
    You have made A difference
    you are in Gods hands

    Love you and all the wonderful memories we’ve shared

  23. Kathy,
    You have fought the good fight…
    A warrior for those to come facing
    this most horrible disease. ..
    You are loved and respected by all who have had the pleasure to know you..and you have truly made a difference in this world..
    God seems anxious to have you home
    It’s all in his good time.
    We will cherish our time with you,
    and you will live on in so many hearts
    God speed dear Kathy,
    We love you….Karen and Bill

  24. Thank you for your friendship to me and my family sister Kathy. You taught my daughter Sarah how to play chess and she will always remember you for that. We’re blessed to have known you. You have truly ran your race, faught the good fight, and kept the faith. We’ll see you again, in heaven. We love you

  25. Hello,
    I am Japanese and living in Japan.
    If any one knows about ms. Kathy, Is she really gone..?
    I am worring about her very much.

  26. Dearest Kathy, Our paths crossed for only a short time, but I truly treasured every minute. I am so saddened to learn this news and that the end came so unexpectedly. I know you are no longer in pain or bothered by worldly cares as you are nestled in the bosom of Jesus. My condolences to George and your family.

  27. Is

    A note from Georgre on Facebook on December 30 stated

    Kathy is in ER. Still conscious

    No visitors. Family only

    Please send messages on blog to her
    She is receiving them

    I think her time is soon just giving us time to thank her for all she means to us

    God bless

  28. I am sure that God is pleased with you. He welcomes you with opened arms. You have strengthened so many lives by the way you have lived your faith. It has been a pleasure to know you. Love, Pat

  29. Dearest Kathy;
    I’m grateful that you introduced me to The Lord, our Christ. If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t be a believer. And for that, I thank you. As I live life and have troubled times, I think of you and gain strength. I can feel how much our Lord loves and watches over you. That is why you will see him before us. I will live life faithfully, so that I too can join you with Him.

  30. Kathy, have you read all the messages people are sending to you? You are that grain of wheat. You have done your work. How beautiful.

  31. Our prayers and love are always with you and George. You are both an inspiration and a blessing
    to us all. We feel privileged and grateful to have you in our lives.

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