December 23rd, 2016

Resuming Treatment

As cancer in my lung became so huge, the radiation therapy was opted out, and now only chemotherapy is left as the option. I started Herceptin and Tykerb yesterday. It’s the 3rd round to use this combo. In May this year when I learned Herceptin and Abraxane were not working anymore, I added Tykerb as the 2nd time. Yet in Oct. the biggest tumor became almost double size. It was a bitter experience and seems obvious that this combo won’t work anymore, but if this is the choice of the doctor’s team, I have no say. The doctors want to add Haraven, one more chemo later.

I started the brain radiation today, too. I was curried by an ambulance for an hour drive from Harbor City Kaiser, where I have been admitted, to Sunset Kaiser, and there I took a CT and many X Rays to make a mask to cover my face and head completely, and then received the whole brain radiation. Gammer knife, which only targets the tumors, was not recommended me. I will receive this therapy for a week.

Trying to help my breathing, the steroid, which elevates sugar level, was also increased. Hence, I am taking insulin at every meal. Yet, since last Thursday when I was hospitalized, first time I feel getting better. With Japanese food, I got appetite back, too.

Everything is now so intense that I feel like the doctors are working so hard to save my life. I am deeply thankful.

Tomorrow is the Christmas Eve. I am hoping to go home.

Just like the intensifying treatment, at home the family and friends are also increasing the circle of the support and making sure that my needs are completely filled according to George.
How wonderful blessings!
My cup is overflowing with God’s Grace. He is with me!

May this wonderful Saver’s name be praised all over the world!
Marry Christmas!