One More Miracle

First, I’d like to thank everyone who emailed and sent comments with cheers, encouragements, and prayers!
I read all of them with tears of gratitude. I don’t have enough energy to write to each of you, but please know that I am deeply grateful!

Email From Autistic Young Man

Among the many heartwarming emails, there was an odd email from my previous special ed student, to whom I was assigned as an one on one assistant during his middle school years.
In the English environment of a public school, he as Japanese, enjoyed talking with me in Japanese, and even let me talk about Jesus or pray since he was a churchgoer.

Even after his graduation and my retirement, he has kept emailing me every now and then, and we have continued short conversations.

As he has had anger and violence issues, he has been at a group home for several years now, but recently in his email, he wants to deny his past school history, saying like,

“Don’t call me X! That’s not my name. I didn’t go to YY school. I don’t know A or B( person’s names) everybody lies to me and upset me!

Talking with his mom, I learned that he regrets what he said or done to hurt some people in the past and wishes to delete his memory.

“X, it’s OK. You don’t have to deny or lie about your past. God forgave you already and accepted you as you are. You are free! You can live in the truth. God loves you! ”
I wrote him back.
Then short reply came.

” I lie!”
I thought God healed him. The x-student accepted the truth, and became free.

Being able to see one more God’s miracle, with tears, I thanked for this special relationship God gave me.

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