December 17th, 2016

No More Bethesda, No More Vaccine

A doctor at the hospital concerned about my complain of dizziness, which I had thought a side effect of narcotics, and ordered a brain MRI.

Today she said, the MRI showed some abnormalities which are probably cancer rumors.

With brain metastasis, I can’t continue the vaccine.

The blind incidence, which had happened at Baltimore rental car center three weeks ago, was probably a sign of the brain metastasis as I was afraid of.

It was shocking and sad that I was dropped out from the trial so fast, and facing the brain metastasis I was so afraid of.
Yet, I have to accept and adjust to the new situation quickly.

The doctors at Kaiser are moving fast to come up the new strategy, and probably I will have a radiation therapy to zap the tumors next week and soon after going back to chemo.

I am holding God’s hand tightly.