December 16th, 2016

The 3rd Vaccine Was Postponed

Since last Sunday the shortness of breath has been worsening day by day. Being worried if I would be able to fly to Bethesda this Sunday, I emailed both doctors at NCI and at local Kaiser.

Two doctors talked over the phone and agreed to take the chest X-ray to determine if I should fly or not. I took the x-ray on Wednesday. Though the result was supposed to come right away, I didn’t hear it even next morning.

Meanwhile on Thursday as the shortness of breath became constant even with small activities like dressing or going bathroom, I decided to go to the urgent care to ask for an Oxygen tank as well as the x-Ray result.

Then there I was immediately given oxygen tube and told to be in the hospital because I might have pneumonia.
I didn’t have a fever, but declining and worsening the health so fast makes sense.

As I told the doctor at NCI what was going on, she said,”You will not make it. Let’s postpone until the holiday is over.”
According to her, if cancer trumors in the lungs get big, it is common to develop pneumonia.

I will be discharged tomorrow with antibiotics, oxygen, and a wheelchair. I pray that the antibiotics helps me to get off from the oxygen tank or the wheelchair ASAP so I can fly to Bethesda again for the 3rd vaccine!

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