Counting Blessings, Keep Moving

The day when I posted the last blog, I could go to three stores. Yet this week, I am out of breath just walking out to the car, or opening the gate.

Since last Sunday, Soh has been visiting from SF taking care of shopping, cooking, cleaning up, and doing the laundry with George. I feel bad doing nothing, but if standing for even 10 minutes is difficult, I have to just accept their kindness.

While I held off on a cough drug, I recovered the appetite, but since I resumed the new cough drug, I lost the appetite again and the stomachache came back.

Usually I enjoy Christmas concerts or home parties around this season, but this year I have to decline all the invitations.

The things are getting tougher than ever, but as I look back this year, I recognize that I’ve received so much kindness from so many people like the Hawaii trip, house repair project, house cleaning service, food deliveries, caring phone calls and emails, monthly cash gifts, and even in Bethesda I made a friend who visits me at NCI offering a ride and a room to stay. I feel so rich. I feel like I am in the big loving tender Hand. The Hand of God who promised never to forsake me.

Because Loving God is with me, I can walk on this sharp plunging “Valley of the shadow of death.”

Next departure for the 3rd vaccine shot will be this Sunday. A Forecast said the next week in Bethesda will be only 33 ℉ while LA is 64℉!

The cough, shortness of breath, and the cold weather—there are concerns I have to overcome, but if God is in this choice of the vaccine, nothing is impossible. I pray for the safe trip and the successful vaccine shot.

2 thoughts on “Counting Blessings, Keep Moving

  1. As I we are out of state, Clark and I anxiously await each of your blogs. Thank you so much for keeping in touch at this trying time.
    Your faith is so strong, and we know that God’s grace and healin powers are truly amazing. We will say extra strong prayers this Sunday.
    Love, Sue and Clark.

  2. Agree in Prayer with You, Our Dear Friend Kathy!
    Safe Pleasant Travel and Successful Peace filled Vaccine Shot! Rest in God’s Goodness full of Grace!

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