November 30th, 2016

Beaten Like A Punch Bag

We could beat the rush hours at the airport, but as unexpected ordeals happened, although I could get the 2nd vaccine shot, this time it was a rough visit at NCI.

Lost Sight

After a 5 hour flight, I was coughing hard but other than that I thought I was doing OK. Yet when we got a rental car center, all of sudden my left eye became blind. If I closed the right eye, I could see  nothing except about 10% of the top part. I blinked several times, and then gradually the vision came back. It was about a couple minutes or so but immediately it made me worry about a brain metastasis.

Monday following after a lab and ECHO( checking the heart function), at the doctor’s exam, I informed about the blind episode as well as the increased pains and GI problem including the nausea to Dr. Wood. Then she referred me to an ophthalmologist to have a thorough exam.

Spotted strong lights on my eyes, the exam was so tough and long that I thought  I would become really blind.
After 5pm, finally the exam was over and I was told that the result was negative. The ophthalmologist explained that somehow the blood flow  to the eye was blocked probably, and it was really good that the flow came back quickly.  He ruled out brain metastasis as I asked,  so it was a long day but I  went back to the hotel being relieved.

Call 911

Then that night, I took oxycodone – the new narcotic cough drug – after dinner. The drug made me so sleepy that I slept for long hours without coughing.  I woke up in the middle of night, and  took the 2nd dose of the cough pills, which was a little before 3am I think. Yet this time the pill made me dizzy and nauseated quickly.  Zoflan, the anti nausea drug, didn’t help and the nausea was getting stronger and stronger. My upper left side became numb and tingling, and even my throat was choking too. Moaning and agonizing  around 4am I asked George to call Dr. Wood.  She told to call 911 and go to ER.

So I was carried to ER. By that time I was breathing better, but still felt horrible with nausea, which made me almost pass out.  Despite of that,  What I received were not  the treatment, but only exams.  Finally a young female doctor came and told me that she would like to take a chest CT scan because she was afraid that I might have blood clots in the lungs.
I came to ER to solve the nausea, not for the CT.
“No. I had two CTs in October already and will have next one in December. Unless My doctor, Dr. Wood, said ‘yes’, I refuse the CT.”
I was left on a gurney without even a vital sign monitor until the morning and told to go to NCI for the chest CT because Dr. Wood ordered it!

Dr. Wood said the blind incident might have happened because of a blood clot and the long travel from CA might be a cause. It was important for her to rule it out by taking the CT.
So I had to do it as well as the ultrasound of the legs. The results were both negatives as I expected.  I wish I had stayed on the bed of the hotel. Yet If I had a blood clot, probably I would not be able to receive the vaccine,  , so I I have to be thankful with the result.

My immune system will respond quicker than the 1st shot this time, and then cause the inflammation, which will make the pain and the cough worse according to Dr. Wood.  Controlling the cough is very important because otherwise it will wear me out very fast, but at the same time, if the cough drug makes me so sick, I will suffer anyway.

Receiving many medications for the coughs, pains, and anti nausea, it is my assignment to find the right balance of those to get the best result.