Received New Cough Medicine

It was Monday morning when I emailed Dr. Wood at NCI ( National Cancer Institute) to change the cough medicine to something stronger. She immediately replied to me, and after 3pm, she told me I would receive the new cough syrup on the 16th or at latest the 17th.

As East coast is three hours ahead of West coast, probably the pharmacy was close to the end of office hours.

Yet surprisingly I received the syrup the next morning by FedEx even before 10am!

Kaiser, my home hospital also has a drug delivery service. If I order refills on line, I don’t need to go to the pharmacy to pick them up, but the refills will be delivered. It’s very convenient, but takes 2-3 days. NCI is on the other side of the US. 8 states are between us. I was very impressed with this speedy distribution system.

The new syrup is a narcotic including codeine. I started taking it right away expecting to see the quick effect. I’ve experienced stomach upset, nausea, and mild light headedness but the cough hasn’t changed so far.

As having an ice cube in the mouth or chewing a gum helps a little bit, besides sleeping, right now this is the way to suppress the cough in public.

God, come quickly to rescue me!

2 thoughts on “Received New Cough Medicine

  1. Happy meds arrive and ice helps

    If I can help please call me

    You are in constant prayers

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