November 11th, 2016


Since the cancer diagnosis in 2010, for the first time I declined a piano student, who wanted to take lessons. Up to now each time when someone asked a piano lesson, I’ve wondered how many years I could teach, but took them thinking positively. Yet this time, the nasty cough, which is not getting better at all despite the prescribed drugs, made me think taking a new student is not fair for the child.

I decided to step down from playing piano at the church as well as volunteer interpretation for cancer patients.

It is so sad, but hoping someday I get better, I decided to retreat. My cough stops only when I sleep and eat and that is Mercy of God.

Worst Traveling Season

My next visit to Bethesda is right after the Thanksgiving (the 4th Thursday in November), and George and I have to leave the worst day of the year to travel, the Sunday after Thanksgiving.

Usually it takes about a half hour to get to LAX, the airport, from our house, but a friend who drove to LAX right after Thanksgiving last year told me it took 2 and a half hours!  According to her advoice, we have to leave at 5am in order to catch the flight at 8:15am.

The following appointment is a week before Christmas and the January one is right after the presidential inauguration. I have to leave on Sunday the same weekend of the inauguration.

I was told by the government travel agent that she could not perches my flight tickets until a week before my appointments, but if I wait until a week before the appointments for the coming holiday season, I am afraid that there would be no way to get George’s tickets but also even my tickets, so I begged the patient coordinator to input the visiting schedule in the traveling computer system.  Thankfully at least I could reserve the flights and hotels.

Now the main concern is my worsening health.  Each visit will be a big challenge.  More than a year ago, however, God had provided us the financial provision to travel to NCI.  He has a plan, which won’t harm but prosper me. He is in this choice. Believing so I wait for patiently to be healed from the cough and the cancer.