Good Day With The 1st Vaccine Shot

It was a good day. I received the first out of 5 DC vaccine shots.
George and I started this special day by driving to see beautiful autumn foliage. image


image  image
This was one on my bucket list, and I was kept in awe with the breath-taking sceneries, which were like God’s gigantic canvas with countless warm colors with serenity and great elegance. I thanked God that I was here, a huge green land, in this season.

At 3pm, we arrived at NCI clinic. I was escorted to a room where were three big reclining chimo chars and told to wait for the vaccine to arrive.

“OK. Are you ready?” It was about 4:50pm, finally a nurse came with the vaccine. Slowly she injected the vaccine, one billion dendritic cells each in the two spots of the right inner forearm right under the skin. I felt pinched and the spots were getting bumpy and red immediately.
” Looks good, ” said she.

She checked my pulse and blood pressure every 15 minutes for an hour, and then I was dismissed.
Several hours after the injection, now my arm is tender, but this is expected.

I pray that this two billion dendritic cells, can recognize cancer cells and command the T-cells to attack and destroy.

15 thoughts on “Good Day With The 1st Vaccine Shot

  1. Yay, first day of the battle. Glad you got to enjoy the beautiful trees turning color. Hope you are feeling well. Get home safe. Love you, Ma

  2. Thank you for the trial updates. Praying for the vaccine’s success and for your continued strength and encouragement. See you soon, dear sister in Christ.

  3. Maybe we need to work up a cheer, like at a sports game: GO DENDRITIC CELLS GO!

  4. I am praying for the vaccine to do it’s job. Thank God for your having access to this new attack against cancer.

  5. Bless you Kathy for sharing with us this new protocol..I agree with Pat Stolz…attack good cells to get those bad cells. Glad you have beauty to witness while you are doing what has to be done. Love to you and George.

  6. Congratulations on another new beginning!

    With the new cells in your body please think of your body ad a football field and these new cells are attacking the cancer cells it’s important for you to care for your body mind and Soirit

    you have him doing it knowing God is in the middle of this and you’re supporting yourself with the beautiful scenery
    The foods you eat and love you feel and share.

    We are your team cheerleaders ! Pictur us all cheering

    It’s important

  7. The pictures you took are gorgeous.
    Hope you rest and recover well enough to fly back.
    Another step forward. Yeah!

  8. Thank you all! I am deeply thankful that I have the great prayer army behind of me! GOD IS AWESOME ALL THE TIME!

  9. One down 4 to go. Amazing strength Kathy. You have so many pulling for you. Love and prayers go with you. Aunt Pat

  10. So thankful for this new opportunity for your healing. Love, hugs and prayers, Niva

  11. Hi Kathy,

    We are praying that the vaccine designed to stimulate your immune system to recognize and destroy HER2-positive cancer cells will work quickly and completely, with minimal side effects.

    Just to let you know again that you are a great blessing and inspiration to us all!

    Love, Cynthia and Bob

  12. We love and admire you so much. Please know or hearts and prayers are always with you. Hope you feel all the positive vibes going your way. We appreciate your sharing what you are experiencing.

  13. Thank you everyone!

    George and I just got home safely. Thank you again for rejoicing, cheering, and praying for us! We are truly blessed.

  14. How Beautiful You are, Kathy to God and to Your Family, Friends who Love You, In Christ Jesus!

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