Seeking DC Vaccine — CT was Stable!

” God, let me walk on the stormy water.”
That was my prayer this morning. Remembering Jesus scolding Peter, ” Why did you doubt? You have so little faith,” I meditated that He was inviting me to walk on the water, and I told myself not to be distracted by thinking of the CT result, but just focus on Him, who has been always faithful, loving me so much.

The CT was at 9am, and the result was given after 3pm.

“it was not much different from two weeks ago, so you will have the vaccine tomorrow,” said Dr. Wood with a smile.

Praise the Lord! He is good all the time!

My appointment for the vaccine tomorrow is 3:30pm, but I was told to come by 3pm. The vaccine will be given on my forearm skin by two shots. After then I will stay on a bed for an hour just to make sure I will be OK. Hope tomorrow will be another good day!

7 thoughts on “Seeking DC Vaccine — CT was Stable!

  1. GOD IS GOOD ALL THE TIME—- This has been proven many, many times. I am amazed by his love and care for us. Good luck tomorrow and just know how much I am with you in spirit and love you so much. You are truly on another journey. Ma

  2. Lenore and Ma,

    I am sitting on a chemo chair and waiting for the vaccine to arrive. I am excited! I will post how it will have gone later. Thank you again for being my side! All the time, God is good!

  3. I am so excited for you, Kathy! Hope all went well for you today as you receive your first vaccine shot.

  4. With you in spirit, Kathy and hoping today went well! Expecting the best for you!

  5. Kathy I am so excited for you. Prayers are being answered. Stay strong. Love you, Aunt Pat

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