October 29th, 2016

Seeking DC Vaccine—Departing to Bethesda again

I thought I could barely wait for the two weeks till the day of the first vaccine from the screening, but it was quick. George and I will leave for Bethesda tomorrow morning.

Monday, the first appointment is a lab @ 7am followed by a CT scan, pulmonary (lung) function test, physical exam, and in the afternoon, I will hear the CT result, which determines whether I get the vaccine or not.

The pulmonary test is to control my worsening cough. If I start receiving the vaccine, and if that successfully commands the antibody to attack the cancer tumors, it will cause inflammation around the tumors and as a result my cough will get worse. Dr. Wood wants to suppress my cough before it happens.

Yet, if I fail to pass the CT scan, this treatment won’t be my option either.

Last Wednesday I talked with the primary oncologist at Kaiser about what to do if I couldn’t get the vaccine: I want to be on Haraven, a chemo right away, and meanwhile pursue the immune suppressive PD1 inhibitor clinical trial. Yet if cancer is growing 20% or more in just two weeks so aggressively, probably nothing will be good enough to control cancer.

If I start thinking such things, I get depressed and scared. Yet my eyes are on God who says, “ Do not be afraid! Be strong and courageous, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.”

The weather seems nice, and the autumn foliage must be at the peak. With hope, I will leave for Bethesda!