October 21st, 2016

Seeking DC Vaccine–Resolution On Birthday

Today is my 7th birthday since the cancer diagnosis and I became 62. Yesterday, the last day in NCI, Dr. Wood, the DC vaccine study chief doctor gave me a birthday cake after the long procedure of Apheresis ( collecting blood cells to make the DC vaccine) . I was so surprised and learned about her character again.
She has so much passion for the DC vaccine, which may cure so many men and women, and she cares for each patient. I thought I came to the right doctor.

The DC vaccine works slowly. Meanwhile cancer grows. We don’t know if the vaccine will catch up to cancer and destroy it eventually or is not working. Other words, I will be saved or die.

Because all the cards I had failed, this must be my last shot and the last gamble. Getting to know Dr. Wood, I thought I came to the right place to bet my life.

The Bible says, ” there is no greater love than to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.” Jesus demonstrated this intimate love on the cross. If I die to save someone, that must be the best way to die.

I will go for the vaccine shifting my attitude, and aiming for this purpose. I want Dr. Wood to find the real cure and I am happy to contribute for her study giving myself. If I am cured, that will be more than awesome, and if I die, that’s also the best way to die. Cancer wants to take away my life, but I am going to give it to God’s Kingdom.

Once I shifted my focus, all the anxieties regarding the vaccine and cancer were replaced by His peace.
I’ll go as far as I can with the Lord, who loves me so much!