Seeking DC Vaccine–Accepted Into Vaccine Trial

It was another long day getting up @5am, but in the afternoon, I heard the good news:


I am the 30th participant and as a breast cancer patient,the 6th in this study.
Next step is collecting white blood cells ( apheresis ) tomorrow to make the vaccine, and then I will return to NCI in two weeks to receive the first shot. However, if a CT I will take prior to the vaccine shot on that same day shows aggresive growth ( >20% than today’s result) I will be disqualified.

The report of the CT I took two days ago said the biggest tumor in the lung is now 4.7cm growing from 2.9 cm in May and there is new suspicious finding in gastrohepatic lymph nodes, though up till a week ago, I was on chemo. This progression appears fast for me, so although I was accepted today, I’m still not quite sure if I can get the vaccine. Anyway passing the screening is the best result it can be as of today, and I thank all of you, who stood on my side praying for me, and most importantly God.

5 thoughts on “Seeking DC Vaccine–Accepted Into Vaccine Trial

  1. You must be so excited about your acceptance! I pray the rest of this journey goes well for you and George also. XOXO

  2. Hi Lenore,

    Thank you so much for rejoicing with me and praying for us! As I think cncer is growing so fast, I feel like this vaccine trial was the right choice, though there is no guarantee, because I need something really unique, something totally out of box. Next hurdle is tomorrow”s apheresis. I have to get up 4am!

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