October 17th, 2016

Seeking DC Vaccine–Good Signs

On the first day of the screening, George and I arrived at NCI before the sunrise.  Starting from a lab withdrawing 13 vials of blood, I had a brain & torso CT, EKG, diagnostic interview, and physical exam.

After then I met the chief study doctor, who had answered my numerous questions through email so patiently and in a comprehensible way.  She was tall, beautiful, and smiled all the way to the end; very pleasant, intelligent, and caring.

It is still too early to conclude, but if I consider that the doctor said to make a year long visitor pass, as well as the negative result of the brain CT, the chance to enter the trial is high.  I was tense in the morning being afraid of getting late, but, on the way back to the hotel, my heart was light with the good signs.

Surprising Offer

At night I found there was an unbelievable comment on my journal in Inspire, a virtual breast cancer community.  Someone, who must live near Bethesda, offered me rides and even to stay in her house!  Thanking her, I declined the offer, of course.  Yet she was like an angel.  I am totally a stranger for her, and she is also a breast cancer patient.  I was deeply touched by her kindness.

More and more I think Inspire is a great community not only expanding the knowledge, but also connecting to the good quality of people.

Tomorrow I will have ECHO. I praise the Lord and pray for another good day!