October 16th, 2016

Seeking DC Vaccine–The Day Before Screening

It was a long day yesterday, but the luggage finally arrived after 2am!

This morning, however, we faced the new challenge. We are staying in Gaithersburg, 13 miles north of Bethesda, and I wanted to make sure how to get NCI by rehearsaling. When I tried to type the address in the GPS, it didn’t accept the address though I tried several times. So we followed a copy of Google map I brought, but still that was not good enough, and we took the wrong route.
After making many wrong turns, finally we found the building, which had a different address than the address on the NCI letter. No wonder the GPS didn’t find it.

I am so glad that we arrived here early enough. If I had arrived today, no way I would make it to the 6:30 appointment tomorrow with the lost luggage and the unrecognizable address.

By the time when we arrived Annapolis it was after 1pm, but the red brick buildings, lofty churches, peaceful canals were so cute like Charles Dichen’s Christmas Carol Village and I was happy that we could make it!


I am still coughing horribly and convinced pretty much that this is because of cancer. I will find it out soon by the CT I will take tomorrow, but I got lots of endorsements for the vaccine from the ladies in Inspire, the breast cancer virtual community, and one lady even said that she had received the dendritic cell vaccine at Univ. of Pennsylvania and has been cancer free for 2.5 years.

God is with me, and I will march to the screenings!