Seeking DC Vaccine–Lost Luggage

The weather was perfect. The 4.5 hour flight was smooth and on time. The last night was also wonderful being invited by a friend couple to a great view restaurant to celebrate a week early my birthday. Receiving lots of cheer, as well, I thought everything looked good to start my big adventure.

Yet the first trouble happened at the luggage claim. I couldn’t find my luggage. Being told by an assistant that the airline would track down the luggage and deliver it later, we left the airport and headed to Herz.

“How about a Nissan Sentra?” A man at the desk asked us, and that became our car. We got in the shiny gray car, but the key looked like a key holder without a key and the keyhole was nowhere. Trying to figure out how to turn on the engine, we opened the hood and moved the wiper instead. It was like a comedy! Finally we learned how to drive by a staff and we arrived at the hotel in Gaithersburg, a northern city of Bethesda around 7:00pm.

According to the text, my luggage was left at LAX, and arrived at Dulles VA at 9:00pm. It should be on the way, but as of now after 1am, it hasn’t been delivered yet.

Tomorrow we want to go to Annapolis, a beautiful port city being famous with US Navy Academy. yet I don’t know if we can make it or not. Oh, Lord, please bring the luggage ASAP!

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