October 3rd, 2016

Received The Appointments

About 7:30am. the phone rang. It was from NCI in Maryland where it is three hours ahead from West coast. The kind patients’ coordinator said she would email me the appointment schedule for the screening and asked if there was anything else I would like to know.
As soon as I hung up, I jumped out of bed and opened the computer. There it was! I found her email with the screening schedule.

6:30am   Lab
8:20am   CT followed by EKG
11:15am   Physical exam

2:00pm   ECHO

8:00am~ 11:30   Bone scan
If I pass the screening, I will see the study doctor again and also have a financial conference.

6:00am   A catheter placement for the blood withdraw to collect dendritic cells to make a vaccine.
7:30am   Apheresis (blood withdraw, which will take 6-7 hours including the time to remove the catheter and post-monitor)

After confirming the schedule, I made a reservation of the flight, hotel, and rental car. Since I have to stop all chemo one week prior to the screening, I emailed the oncologist to let her know the schedule, also. As this week is actually an off chemo week, if I pass the screening, I will have a long break until next spring, when I find out the response of the vaccine.

Now I only need to wait for the day of the departure, but the persistent cough, which started in August, has been getting worse and that is concerning me. Also, while I was on the phone trying to make a reservation for a rental car, I experienced something like Vertigo. Everything around me was swinging or spinning. I have had a moment of swinging, which made me wonder if it was an earthquake several times in the summer, but this time it was clearer and longer like about 10-15 seconds.
If cancer metastasized in the brain, I am not able to receive the vaccine. I hope this is not the sign of metastasis.

So again this is like the Hawaii trip. Until I get there and pass the screening, I am uncertain and I have to continually pray for God’s protection and guidance.