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I waited on Monday and Tuesday, but on Wednesday, getting afraid that I might waste another week, I emailed NCI asking for the confirmation of the fax my oncologist’s office sent last Friday.

One hour later the reply came and I was asked if I could go there for the physical screening on the week of 10/17. Finally I can mark on the calendar! Although I was not given the exact appointment yet, I got excited and started searching for a flight and a hotel.

This is not for the vaccine shot, but still the screening. I could be disqualified somehow.
Cancer could be growing since last CT in May.
Frequent required CTs during the trial may cause leukemia.
The vaccine shot may make me sick.
Most importantly, the vaccine may not work as the oncologist is afraid of.

This is a huge gamble, but I feel like this is what God is leading me for. Even if I’m wrong, He is with me. Trusting in Him, I will work the Valley of the Shadow of Death.

2 thoughts on “Reply Came

  1. God is Good! I am so Proud of You! God is with You for the physical screening on week of 10/17.

  2. God has opened the door and I’m so glad you’ve finally got a date. God is good and He is faithful and He loves you so much, Kathy!

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