I Quit

I decided to quit the Ignyta trial, the targeted drug trial.  Since yesterday when I heard that the matching rate of the gene test was less than 3% (5 out of 200), I have prayed and pondered if I should stay on the course or change to the vaccine.  The reason why I chose the targeted drug over the vaccine was because I had read that the drug’s response rate was 75% once it matched.  Yet I didn’t know the matching rate was so little.

The only condition to try the gene test seems if the current regimen is working.  Yet unless I take a CT, which I don’t want, or maybe an x-ray, I’m not able to know it. If I go back to the vaccine trial, the next step is a physical screening (CTs and lab tests), but I don’t know how long I have to wait for that.  Do I want to waste three weeks in such a case?  No.  That is my conclusion.

I emailed my oncologist and the clinical study nurse to let them know that I want to cancel the consents.  I was going to email NCI to go back to the vaccine trial, but I thought I should wait for the oncologist’s reply just in case – to make sure if I am misunderstanding what she said yesterday.

Nothing is certain  and everything is a gamble.  Regardless of my choice, I may be facing the dead end.  Or, regardless of my choice, God can sustain my life if that is His Will.

2 thoughts on “I Quit

  1. Don’t give up Kathy. You have been so persistent and I believe God is with you and has provided these choices for you. God is with you all the way.

  2. Ma,

    Thank you always for the encouragement! Yes. God is the final counselor and my Shepard!

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