Still In the Waters of Clinical Trial System

I thought I would be in the trial by now when I first decided to apply for a clinical trial in June. The reality is I am still waiting to be accepted for a trial. My summer was just researching and swimming in the waters of complicated clinical trial systems.

Last week when I was finally able to avoid withdrawing the consent from the vaccine trial, I thought now I was moving forward turning in another consent form to the gene test for the targeted drug. Yet this week I was told that the consent forms I turned in were invalid because I had to sign in front of a clinical nurse! Another big sigh.

Today finally my consent forms were accepted. I’m not sure when my cancer tissue will be sent to the lab for the gene test, but it will take about three weeks to get the result. If there is not enough tissue, I have to have a biopsy to collect the cancer tissue, so it will take longer. Then if the gene test result allows me to take the trial drug, I will take CT scans and labs as the physical screening, and then I have to hold off from chemo for four weeks to start the drug. So it will take at least two more months to be on the drug.

Then there was one more surprise waiting for me. When I asked how many people have been in the trial so far, the oncologist said, ” 200 people took the test and 5 were eligible. It’s like winning a lottery.”

5 out of 200!
I am so glad that I didn’t withdraw from the vaccine trial. In order to make a decision of a trial, I learned what I should ask for the first place. Actually I am wondering if I should go back to the vaccine trial now without waiting for the result to save the time. Readers, what do you think? I have to pray.

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