Being stuck in between two clinical trial’s systems, I was getting weary.
A week ago I emailed NCI asking if the vaccine study team could keep my information in case I want to pursue the vaccine again – though currently I have to withdraw.

Because there hadn’t been any reply, I also emailed the Kaiser research director asking if holding the consents for the vaccine instead of withdrawing would be acceptable for the gene test. That was last Friday.
This week, a clinical research nurse called and emailed me saying she would like to help me. I thought great, but after exchanging numerous emails and phone calls, I was referred to the same nurse, who first told me to withdraw from the vaccine trial., to confirm if I don’t have to withdraw! For three days I worked hard but I was making a circle and coming back to the starting point. It was discouraging and disappointing.

Big sigh ;-(

Then I started over; emailing to the director,” May I ask you the same question once again?’

A Story of Sara

Being weary, I remembered about Sarah, Abraham’s wife, in Genesis. She, who could not wait for the fulfilment of God’s prophecy that she would give a birth to a son, gave her slave Hagar to Abraham to have a child (Ishmael). Yet, eventually Sara became pregnant and indeed gave birth to Isaac. The tension and hostility grew in-between two mothers as well as two sons, and has continually grown between the offsprings of Ishmael, Muslims, and the offsprings of Isaac, Jews and Christians, even creating terrorists ISIS in this century. Because she was inpatient and acted on her own, the consequence was horrible. Maybe why I am in the maize without progress is that I am acting like Sarah instead of waiting for God opening the door…


As I was writing so far, I noticed there was an email from Kaiser. I opened it….Yes! The answer was given!
The Kaiser doctor, who is in charge of the study accepted my request and allowed me to hold the consents for the vaccine. NCI will keep my medical information and my place in line so that I can go back to the vaccine trial if I am not qualified for the targeted drug trial at Kaiser.
Now I can turn in the consent forms for the gene test!

In the email from the Kaiser research director, she said,
“Your persistence paid off. So good for your Kathy, you keep on fighting. We all wish you well.”

Thank you Jesus! GOD IS GOOD ALL THE TIME!

3 thoughts on “Progress

  1. Thank you for sharing your insights and the wonderful way in which your prayers are being answered.

  2. Hi Heidi and Judy,

    Thank you always for your care and support! I just turned in the consent form for the gene test, which will take about three weeks to get the result. Then if I am eligible for the drug, I will take a physical screening like CTs and lab, and if I pass the screening, I have to stop chemo to wash out for four weeks. There is still a long way to go. Please keep praying for me! Thank you!

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