“What Happened with Clinical Trial?”

People have asked me the clinical trials’ status, but it is difficult to explain.

First I sent the consent forms for the vaccine trial about two weeks ago, and am waiting for the next cue.

Second, after some confusion, finally I got the right name of the immune checkpoint inhibitor trial from Cedars Sinai. However, When I looked at the description of the trial, the investigated drugs in the trial,Ibrutinib & MEDI4736 are different from The drug, Keytruda, which I learned from Mrs. E in Germany.

Ibrutinib is a cancer targeted drug, which is already approved for blood cancer like Leukemia by FDA, and MEDI4736 is an investigated PD1 inhibitor drug, which has been studied for non small lung cancer, but it seems like that both are the first time to study with breast cancer.
The side-effects of MEDI4736 seems mild, but Ibrutinib may cause bleeding, plunging platelet count, infection, and even different cancer! Though the trial sounds so scary, Mrs. E, who has been on Keytruda, said the drug gave her back the normal life with almost zero side effects.

A PD1 inhibitor drug works when PD1 expression is high. If my PD1 expression is low, this trial won’t be an option anyway, so I am asking different sources how to check the PD1 expression.

Meanwhile my primary oncologist mentioned about a phase 2 cancer targeted drug clinical study. This investigated drug is designed to respond to certain cancer genes. I asked her to send me the details of this trial.

It must be good to have more than one option, but so far every option seems to have high risk, and I don’t know which one is the best. I have to keep praying for God’s guidance.

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  1. Karen,

    Thank you for the comment! God is our councilor and He never makes mistakes! I have to remind it to myself over and over, and wait patiently for Him to open the door for the cure!

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