Immune Checkpoint Inhibitor Drug Trial

It took a week to receive a reply from Cedars. After I requested again the information of the immune checkpoint inhibitor trial, the email I receive said that there was no such a trial.
Since I heard of the Immune checkpoint inhibitor drug, I have been searching the trial, and because the trial for HER2 positive breast cancer was only available in Europe and I couldn’t find anything but for triple negative breast cancer in the U.S., I almost accepted the reply.

Yet as I forwarded this reply to Dr. Salmon’s office, his nurse recommended asking Cedars once again, so I did. This time Cedars said there was the trial. Yet, I couldn’t identify any key words such as “checkpoint”, “PD1”, or the drug name “Keytruda” in the description of the trial I was given. It looks like a totally different trial. So I am asking UCLA again to confirm if this is the right trial I am looking for.

Meanwhile I learned that the inhibitor drug, Keytruda, was already approved for melanoma and non-small cell lung cancer in the US. If PD1 expression, a biomarker of cancer, is high, Keytruda appears very effective.
Yet the side effects could be serious causing pneumonitis, holes in the intestine,etc, and in the worst case, the stimulated immune system may attack the healthy organs and tissues, which leads to death.
A Japanese lady, who has been on this drug in Germany, said her cervical cancer has shrunk dramatically with little side effects. Her case must be very successful, but I, who have seen a liver transplant patient, who had died because his immune system attacked himself, was intimidated and feel like I don’t mind if this trial is not available yet.
Every choice seems very risky with a slim chance. I have to trust the Lord and pray to lead me to the right therapy!

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