Live With Great Joy 2: Cast Burdens

I easily complain, criticize, and worry just like my mother. Yet it is difficult to live happily with such a character. Then what should I do?
Jesus said, “Come to me all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.”–Matthew 11: 28.

I imagine a big garbage bin and toss all crap, which bug me, one after another and give it to Jesus. Yet some are so huge that it takes a long time to toss, or some pile up right away even after I toss them.

“Jesus, I am so sorry, but I am so fed up! ”
” I hate this and that…”
“I am so worried that it’s excruciating!”, etc.

I talk to Jesus honestly, because He can see through my real thoughts and feeling even if I want to hide them, and ask Him to wash away all my dark spots replacing them with His peace, patience, and kindness so I can get closer to Him.

Life is so tough that I can’t carry all the burdens by myself: No way I can solve all the problems and make my life “happy” by myself.

I need Jesus, who tells me to leave my burdens, lifts me up as I trip over, or rescues me if I fall into a bottomless dark hole. Then it becomes possible to live with great joy regardless of the circumstances.

2 thoughts on “Live With Great Joy 2: Cast Burdens

  1. To Sweet Kathy! Praise God for You!
    Psalm 8:3-5 You are a Masterpiece of God’s Creation, made in His Image!

  2. Karen,

    Thank you for the comment! Yes. For Him we are so precious and He loves us so much though we don’t deserve it. This is Grace and I am so thankful for having such an awesome God as our Father!

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