July 15th, 2016

Live With Great Joy

A long time ago in Japan there was a big hit TV drama, “Fixing on Love and Death” , which was based on a true story about a short lived but beautiful romance of a young beautiful girl who died with sarcoma at age 21 and her boyfriend. I was a child, but remember watching it feeling so sorry for both.
cancer is deadly and we feel sorry for a person with cancer but seldom think she/he can be happy as well as a healthy person.

With cancer is it impossible to live happily or joyfully? I think it is very possible.
Living with cancer is like a roller coaster ride. Sometimes it plunged fast, and is scary, but not always. After plunging, often it goes up, and goes even to the high point, where he/she can find strength, hope, and inspiration.

The key is thanksgiving. Counting blessings such as smiles and kindness of friends and the family, the time playing piano with or without young students, a cute humming bird flying from flower to flower, a walk on a beach, a shaved sweet ice, plants growing an inch higher than yesterday, etc, bring me joy and comfort. They don’t cure cancer, but through all of those, I feel close to God, my Father in Heaven.

If my happiness depends only on health, finance, or beloved family, it is devastating as I lose any of those. Although I wish not to lose those as much as possible, there is no guarantee or promise not to lose. The only thing I can count on is God, who promised never to forsake me. Instead of looking at cancer or the uncertain future, if I keep fixing my eyes on God by counting His blessings, His unconditional love fills my heart with His strength in the midst of the cancer battle.

Even if I get too sick to eat or get up, or unbearable pains attack me, the sicker I become, the closer God comes. And the moment of death is the moment of the encounter with God, Father in Heaven!

If my tie with God gets stronger, if I walk with Him, who loves me and protects me, even with cancer or with declining health, it is possible to live happily with great joy—That’s what I believe.

“But those who trust in the Lord will find new strength.
They will soar high on wings like eagles.
They will run and not grow weary.
They will walk and not faint.”–Isaiah 40:30-31