National Cancer Institute (NCI)

I am not sure if I can participate in the vaccine clinical trial or not yet and I should prepare the next option though, the more I learn about NCI and the city Bethesda in MD, the more I anticipate. If I set my expectation high and it won’t go my way, I will be very disappointed, but it is getting harder to control my expectation.

The city’s name Bethesda, which means House of Mercy in Aramaic, came from a local small church, and the church took the name from the pool Bethesda in Israel, where Jesus performed a miracle of healing on a disabled man, who was waiting for 36 years to get into the pool, which had a healing power when the water was stirred. So many sick and disabled people were waiting to get into the water that he didn’t had a chance to get in. Yet Jesus healed him by commanding him to rise and walk (John 5:2-18). Two years ago at the pool Bethesda in Israel I visited, I prayed for the cure from cancer.

In Bethesda in MD, which is only 13km north from Washington D.C, there are several huge national medical organizations and it appears like a city of medicine. I didn’t know until now, but NCI is a part of National Institute of Health, which is the oldest and the primary medical organization in the U.S. “with 1,200 principal investigators and more than 4,000 postdoctoral fellows” according to Wikipedia. Compared with this place, not only Kaiser, but even UCLA Medical Center looks so tiny.

I really long to visit Bethesda, MD as well as this giant health organization! Since I had to send the all the information for the trial by myself, I am worried if they have arrived at the right place on time, but, I hope they had and to hear that I would have passed the first screening, the first step to go to Bethesda.

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  1. Thank you so much! I am hoping to hear from NCI if I am eligible for the next screening or not sometime this week. Once I hear, I will post it!

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