Thinking More Of Vaccine Trial

Important role of vitamin D in Immune Functions

The Dendritic Cell vaccine trial checks vitamin D level by every four weeks. According to NCI (National Cancer Institute), “The exact role that Vitamin D deficiency plays in cancer has been controversial; but we do know that Vitamin D plays a critical role in cellular and immune functions within the body.” I know vitamin D and a baby aspirin could prevent cancer relapse, and actually I am taking vitamin D 4000IU/day, but it is interesting to see how vitamin D and the vaccine work together.

Clinical Trial is for future

Even though DC vaccine seems safe, this can fail with human beings. Since it is a trial, it requires frequent CT scans including not only the chest and abdomen but also bones and the brain. Exposure to huge doses of radiation is also scary, and I have to admit that the participants are human guinea pigs. Yet, I remember Mr. Aranami, the chairman of TRIO (Transplant Recipients International Organization) Japan as well as a good Christian, who passed away this spring with colon cancer, said he had chosen a clinical trial because he wanted to contribute to future patients. If I change the focus from myself to others, like Mr. Aranami did, probably nothing will be wasted and I’ll be able to accept becoming a “guinea pig”.

Need to Move Fast

The more I think of my options, the more I am leaning towards the DC vaccine trial. I am not sure if I am qualified for this trial, but the trial will accept only 65 participants in the nation and has already recruited 30 patients for part 1 study, which tested the safety of the vaccine and the dose of the vaccine. Then Part 2 will accept only 35. If I want to participate in this trial, I need to move fast. I emailed the oncologist about this trial with all the information I have received from NCI, and also called UCLA Medical Center to make an appointment with Dr. Slamon, who invented Herceptin, to hear his opinion about this trial. Most importantly, I am praying to open the door if this is God’s will.

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