Vaccine Trial in Hitachi?

If the current regimen may not be effective enough and the clinical trial the oncologist recommended doesn’t sound exciting, either, I thought I should look for the 3rd option.
So I went back on the hunting. This time I used National Cancer Institute site instead of

When I used “Metastatic HER2 Positive Breast Cancer” as the key words, surprisingly 225 trials came up. There must be no other countries, which offered so many trials like the US, and I was so thankful that I lived in such an advanced country.

AS I looked through the 225 trials one by one, I found the dendritic cell vaccine trial I had written about in the blog two years ago. This is a phase 1 trial, which is the first time study with human beings, so there are so many unknown factors or risks, but as I scrolled down the page, I found it was available in CA, and under the line of “California”, I read Irvine- Hitachi Medical Systems America Inc.

Is it the same Hitachi, which produces appliances?
I checked the website of Hitachi Medical Systems America Inc. It looks like the company is selling medical imaging machines like a CT and MRI, but I couldn’t find anything about the vaccine or cancer study. A big question mark popped up in my head, but if this in not a mistake, Irvine is only an hour away from my house. This trial can be hopeful. I left a phone message at Hitachi and am waiting for the return phone call.

3 thoughts on “Vaccine Trial in Hitachi?

  1. I am so proud of you for taking charge of your options! The Hitachi test could be the right one for you. I will pray that this works. You are such an awesome detective!

  2. This sounds so hopeful, Kathy. Everything seems to fall into place. I hope it isn’t too long before you hear from Hitachi with encouraging news. Praying for the whole situation!

  3. Susan and Lenore,

    Thank you for the prayers! I am still waiting for the phone call.

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