June 19th, 2016

Clinical Trial Doc. Recommended

I tried a gene test to find out if there were any medicines which matched to my cancer, last year. Yet the oncologist said this gene matching trial is slight different from the last one using a different method and different investigated medicines.

In this phase 2 trial, there are 24 medicines, which effects and side-effects are studied in the trial. In the phase 1 trial, there were only 10 medicines, and maybe that was the major reason, but only 9% of the participants matched with those 10. This time in phase 2, the medicines were increased more than double and as new possible medicines are developed, those will be added in this trial. In this way, the scientists hope to boost up the matching rate to 20-25%.

This trial is not only for breast cancer patients but for patients who are running out of the treatment options or who are having difficulty finding the options, and have measurable cancer. Last Aug. when the trial began, so many applied that the trial was closed in just three months in Oct. The oncologist worries even this time, when the trial reopened, it may close quickly.

She is also concerned that Abraxane is not working anymore and adding Tykerb is not good enough. Yet, If I want to be in this trial, I have to hold the treatment for 10 weeks, and even after then, my chance to match the medicines is less than 20% or even 10%, and even if I match one of the investigated medicines, nobody knows if it will work or not.

Either way, staying on the current regimen or trying the clinical trial, my chance seems so little. I don’t know which is better. I have to pray for the guidance of God.