June 9th, 2016

Tykerb Again

I started Tykerb (250mg x 4), an oral targeted chemo drug, last night after the Herceptin + Abraxane infusion.

If Abraxane and Taxol were basically the same drug, adding Tykerb to Herceptin +Abraxane is the same regimen as Tykerb+ Herceptin +Taxol, the golden combo, which led me into the remission four years ago.

However how to administer this new regimen is a little different from four years ago. Back then one cycle was four weeks, but this time it’s three weeks and I have to take Tykerb every day instead of taking it for 21 days followed by a week off.

I experienced horrible diarrhea and skin rush at the beginning of the first use, and it took six months to control the side effects by tapering the dosage, so I am a little nervous to take Tykerb without a off-week. The doctor understands it, so she prescribed this med only for 14 days. If I do well. she will give me the same dosage.

Tykerb did really good job with Herceptin and other chemo in the past, but usually the 2nd round doesn’t work like the first time. TThis is also my concern. However as I dropped the option of Poziotinib clinical trial after I learned that the progression free time of this med was only 13.38 wks while the possible side-effects are severe diarrhea and skin rush on the face (!), and also it requires every 6 wk CT scans, which is twice as fast as the current pace, now my bet is on Tykerb.

As of now if I can control the side effects and continue to be on it for at least three months, I would be happy.