June 8th, 2016


Yesterday was the last day to give a piano lesson for my piano student I have taught for 6 years. She, who has progressed so much, will go to a better teacher.

It was not many days after my diagnosis of cancer when the 7 year old little girl came to me being escorted by her mom. It was the time when I was going to retire from teaching piano I have done for over thirty years in order to focus on the treatment. Yet, since the mom understood and accepted my cancer circumstance and the possibilities of sudden cancelations or a termination of the lesson, I changed my mind and started teaching her piano.

She has never whined or complained, practiced well, and lerned quickly. Especially this past year she improved so much that I also enjoyed teaching her. She was an excellent student.

So it was difficult to say” Good bye” and I know I will miss her. Yet I am thankful that I could accomplish my role or responsibility God gave me without let cancer interrupted the 6 years of the lessons.

In this world there are tons of sad farewells, but someday at the end of our history, the God’s Kingdom, where is no more farewell, will come. Focusing on that promise, I closed the chapter of being with this remacable student.