His Love Never Ceases

Last week, many friends from the Bible Study came taking turns to show their support and care by working inside and outside of our house.  They painted, weeded, cleaned the garage, fix the broken wall, etc.

As the first day was over, I, who worked together, got so exhausted, and the 2nd day, I could work only a half day and had to take a  long rest on the bed though, the friends, most of whom were older than me, worked hard 9am to 4pm being burned on their faces under the strong sun beams.

Three Day volunteering

I was impressed with their vitality, skills, and knowledge, but most importantly I was truly touched by their kindness.

I am the one who has to fight against cancer, and it is George, who has to fight against Parkinson’s Disease, but their message that they are always behind us with prayers and loving care surely reached to me.

Then last night I found an envelop in the front yard.  Someone had threw it over the gate.  As George opened it, there was lots of cash with a note saying, ” Praying for both of your health.  Thank you Jesus!” There was no sender’s name.

George and I don’t deserve for any of those kind acts.  We are not able to return their favors, either.

God must have moved each person’s heart in order to say He loves us.

Although storms never cease, His love also never ceases!

One thought on “His Love Never Ceases

  1. It must be so very gratifying that you have some many helpful and generous friends to come to your aid!
    You and George are so deserving of this outpouring of love.
    Please update your latest news about clinical trials or news of your health.

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