May 26th, 2016

Because I Believe Jesus

Receiving a bad report is discouraging for anyone. Going through accelerating pain and losing physical abilities must be despairing, too. When I was in bed with pneumonia with a relentless cough, I became weary thinking I would never get better.

Yet as a believer of The Creator of heaven and earth, and Jesus, who paid for my sin on the cross and made it possible to receive eternal life, I have no doubt that death is the door for the new life. Whether you believe the tremendous hope is waiting on another side of death or not, it affects our way of living. Because it is important for me to survive from cancer, I pray for the healing and the miracle, but how to live must be more important than the result in God’s eyes. The Bible tells us that the most important teaching is to love our God with all your heart, soul, and mind; and to love our neighbors as ourselves. Fortunately God has given me so many good examples around me. I have to do a better job for that.

Regarding the battle against cancer, I have to do my best using all resources I have been given, and trust in God for the rest remembering that my life is in His hand. I am truly grateful getting to know that there is God, who never fails, or makes mistakes, and is full of Love.