Significant Progression

Right after I posted the blog last night, I received the CT result: “A significant progression in both size and numbers in the lungs.”
Although I was bracing myself as the oncologist warned me of a bad result, I have never seen such an aggressive progression before. Even when I was off treatment for 5 weeks last summer the progression that time was not even in comparison with this time.

When I had pneumonia, a doctor told me to postpone a CT scan for 3-4 weeks because the image would be confusing between pneumonia and cancer. I was not doing well until the day before Hawaii trip and just finished the antibiotics this morning. Maybe some bad result was due to pneumonia. I told myself to be calm but I know I have to change the regimen.

Since last year cancer has been growing no matter what I have used. Maybe Herceptin, I have used for 6 years, is no more effective. If so all the recommended regimens from Dr. Slamon or many clinical trials, which include Herceptin may be not effective. Then what options do I have? I feel clueless. I will see the doctor this Tuesday. I hope and pray that God guides us to the right treatment and opens the door to sustain my life.

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