May 20th, 2016

Healing Power of God’s Creation

As I sat in a chemo chair, a conversation between a patient in front of me and a nurse came into my ear. “ My sister and her family are in Maui this weekend…”

Listening to the word,“Maui”, I jumped into the conversation telling, “ I just came back from Maui.” Including my nurse, too, we started sharing how wonderful a place Hawaii was.

“I was coughing so hard before the trip, but it stopped once I got there. Then as soon as I got back, I started coughing again. I think it’s because the weather or the air over there is better than here.”

As I said so, everyone agreed.

“ My cancer friend has been surviving for almost 20 years though her cancer is advanced HER2+. Hawaii must be a healing place. Since there are Kaisers in Hawaii, all cancer patients should be sent there!”

Again, everyone agreed with smiles.

Surprisingly the lab tests I took yesterday showed the best number ever in glucose and cholesterol, which has been over 200 for many years even before the diagnosis of cancer: It dropped from 246 in the last month to 194! I don’t think this happened during the only one week vacation, but I was so pleased that I wondered if the great nature, which is not polluted, may have a healing power. My mind traveled to Genesis- God’s creation which once was totally perfect, and His coming Kingdom meditating and inscribing the beautiful awesome sceneries in Maui.