May 18th, 2016

I Don’t want To Go Home

Waking up with birds chripping and the sound of waves, every morning I looked for sea turtles that swam on the rocky beach at the back of the house. A mountain on the horizon is covered by the patchwork of orange, brown, and many different greens. This space surrounded by colorful flowers, greens, and the cobalt blue ocean was a timeless paradise.

Such a vacation will be over tomorrow and I have to go back to LA. Once I get home, I have to go to take a CT scan and the following day will be a chemo infusion.

Because Pneumonia totally messed up the chemo schedule for last 7 weeks and the expected oral chemo, Afinitor was dropped off, the oncologist doesn’t expect a good CT result. If so, I have to look for the next regimen from few options.

.Maybe being here is more effective than chemo!
Ahhhh, I wish I didn’t have to go home!


A sunset from the house