May 16th, 2016

Granted Vacation

How quickly the time goes by! Our vacation has been already more than a half passed.

Although I was not in the best condition, once I got to Hawaii, perhaps because of the antibiotics, I feel much better and even relentless cough was improved so much that it doesn’t  bothered  me any more!

The first night George and I visited a cancer friend, whom I got to know through Inspire, a virtual breast cancer community. Her cancer is hormone positive and HER2 positive like mine, an aggressive one, but she has been surviving 26 years since the first diagnosis and almost 20 years since cancer came back with metastasis.
Although we met the first time, we talked like knowing each other for a long time.
I was not sure if I would’ve been able to meet her until the very last minute, and am not sure if I can see her again, but now feeling her so close that I was so thankful for my prayer to meet her was granted.

Next day, George and I flew to Maui and at night the kids joined us at this beautiful spacious house with the incredible ocean view. Since then we have seen huge but cute sea turtles, driven  through thousands and thousands of tropical giant trees being taken away the breath with colorful countless flowers and water falls, and I could enjoy even snorkeling!


The ocean where we did snorkeling in front of the house























Once I go back home, I have to face the hard reality, but I am throughly enjoying every minute forgetting about cancer. I am so thankful for this marvelous vacation!
God is good all the time!