May 6th, 2016

6th Cancer Aniversary

Today is my 6th cancer diagnosis anniversary. The day when my life turned upside down and I was dismayed by the great magnitude of the shock was just like it had happened yesterday. As the first chemo therapy prior to the mastectomy allowed the cancer to grow, the doctors warned me saying this would be a very tough battle, and one of them even told me I might not live more than four years.

Since then I have had 5 surgeries, the radiation therapy, and endless chemo. I have experienced all kinds of side effects, and the routine of the every three months CT scan has made me nervous always. Meanwhile George was diagnosed with Parkinson’s, lost his voice, and laid off in 2015. We were even robbed this year. This six years have been a big series of life storms.

Neverthless in 2014 George and I could go on our dream trip to Israel, and I have been able to go to Japan almost every year. Friends and family have been so good and supportive, and we were not only able to keep the insurance, the house, or cars, but also have been provided more than we had asked for. Marking the 6th anniversary is nothing but a miracle. This is all because of so many people’s prayers and my dear God’s Grace. I am grateful!

One step ahead is pitch dark and the future is uncertain that is never different from the last six years, but I know my journey will have a happy ending, the victory, because the Bible promised it: because Jesus defeated death! How encouraging it is!

Having a chemo infusion today, I feel sluggish right now just like a typical day after chemo. Yet, if I recover in a few days, I can begin the 7th year from the Hawaii family trip. I am waiting for it patiently. Thy Will Be Done!