Doc’s Opinion With Lab Result

Around 11pm on Saturday, the phone rang. It was from a doctor who was button touched from the doctor I saw at the urgent care earlier on the same day regarding the lab results.  After confirming that every number was in normal renege, I asked if I had pneumonia, viral infection, or cancer progression.

First he said the doctor who saw me during the day was concerned about the infection because last week when I was admitted to the hospital, one of white cell counts was very high, though I had told that I had used a shot, which increases the white cell counts, because it was the third day after a chemo infusion, which knocks down the count.
The new doctor who was on the phone said although the lab results were normal, I should finish the antibiotics because there is still possibility of pneumonia or viral infection.

” How about the possibility of cancer progression? ”
I asked. He said it’s also possible but personally he thinks it is unlikely that a cancer tumor grew 2.7cm all of sudden at a spot where was nothing a week ago. I was more than happy with his answer. 🙂

I appreciate for the young doctor who called me at such a late time on Saturday and took time to answer all my questions! Kaiser is good!:-)

3 thoughts on “Doc’s Opinion With Lab Result

  1. That is good news Kathy! I’m so glad the doctors are taking such good care of you. God is so good. Hope to see you tomorrow. Susan

  2. That is interesting Kathy. I haven’t heard of a tumor ever growing that fast either. Maybe your Friday appointment will confirm this opinion.

  3. Such good news Kathy. Take your time, rest and this to will pass. With love and prayers Aunt Pat

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