April 25th, 2016

Doc’s Opinion With Lab Result

Around 11pm on Saturday, the phone rang. It was from a doctor who was button touched from the doctor I saw at the urgent care earlier on the same day regarding the lab results.  After confirming that every number was in normal renege, I asked if I had pneumonia, viral infection, or cancer progression.

First he said the doctor who saw me during the day was concerned about the infection because last week when I was admitted to the hospital, one of white cell counts was very high, though I had told that I had used a shot, which increases the white cell counts, because it was the third day after a chemo infusion, which knocks down the count.
The new doctor who was on the phone said although the lab results were normal, I should finish the antibiotics because there is still possibility of pneumonia or viral infection.

” How about the possibility of cancer progression? ”
I asked. He said it’s also possible but personally he thinks it is unlikely that a cancer tumor grew 2.7cm all of sudden at a spot where was nothing a week ago. I was more than happy with his answer. 🙂

I appreciate for the young doctor who called me at such a late time on Saturday and took time to answer all my questions! Kaiser is good!:-)