Setback or Progression

I was so frustrated with the slow recovery from pneumonia. Last week once I resumed the infusion and oral chemo, I was admitted to the hospital again because of the shortness of breath.
After the discharge, I thought finally I was getting better Sunday afternoon and Monday. Yet from Tuesday I felt weak again and since Thursday night I have had fever.

On Wednesday a family doctor, who ordered an X-ray again, told me I had new pneumonia in a different spot. Then today as I went to the Urgent Care, a different doctor said that the radiologist, who read the X-ray, didn’t mention it was pneumonia. So it could be a viral infection or something else.
The doctor ordered a blood test. Though I haven’t talked about the result with him yet, the numbers of the blood test I received through email were all in the normal range. At least for me there appears no sign of infections.

I have read if cancer in lungs progresses, it causes pneumonia,fatigue, fever, cough, chest pain, chills, and the shortness of breath, which all I have had in this month.
I haven’t taken a CT scan since last December though my routine is every three months. I now wonder if those all symptoms are the signs of cancer progression. If so, I have to change the regimen quickly. And next questions are how I know if this is a setback or progression and if it’s the progression, when and what to change the regimen.
Yet instead of imagining this or that by myself, I should listen to the doctor’s diagnosis, which I might have to wait until Monday.

2 thoughts on “Setback or Progression

  1. So sorry about this. A CT needs to be done, in my opinion. What is your Oncologist saying?
    Is there any way I can help?

  2. I am waiting for her reply. Probably Monday, but the fever finally went down!
    Please continue to pray for us! Since kids also bought nonrefundable tickets for Hawaii already, I don’t want to give up the trip! Thank you so much!

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