George Got Pneumonia, And I Went Back To ER

After I was discharged 18 days ago, George, who has asthma, started coughing and it was getting worse. Last Friday finally he went to see a doctor and then was told that he was also had pneumonia!

Every 3rd Sunday in a month he is given an opportunity to give a sermon, and since Ma, his mom, whose birthday was 4/10, was coming to listen to his sermon yesterday, we were planning to have a birthday lunch for her including our kids after the service.

“There will be no change.” Saying so to people who worried about him, he kept working on the sermon, though he looked horrible. I thought it was my turn to do the house work so I worked hard through the day, cleaning the house, doing the laundry, going to the grocery shopping, making the lunch, washing dishes, and teaching the piano. Then at night, I ran out energy completely and felt sick again. Coughing and with pink puffy eyes, George asked me, who had a shortness of breathing, ” Is there anything I can do for you?”

If I stay at home being this way, George will worry about me and he can’t rest. It’s better to go to ER, where I can get good medical attention and care. —–Thinking of so, I decided to go to ER preparing for the hospitalization again.

At ER, as an Xray showed no pneumonia sign, a doctor considered to let me go home, but after all, thankfully she took me as an inpatient to observe until Saturday afternoon.

I was discharged, but still had no energy until Sunday morning. George looked pale, also. We were far away from the best condition, but we made it to the service and the birthday lunch. (I appreciate the kids who did the most work to make a nice birthday lunch for Ma.)

This year I have been admitted to the hospital already three times. Yet the new inpatient rooms were clean, quiet, bright, the bed was comfortable, the food was good, and the staff were very professional and caring. I could rest so well without bothering George, or being bothered by a mess at home. Having such a good experience each time, now I feel like Kaiser hospital were my second house! I like there very much!:-)

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