God Is Not Dead

On Tuesday night, after a chemo infusion, I went to see a movie, ” God Is Not Dead 2″ with the Bible class. This is the 2nd story of the same titled movie, which became a surprise hit last year.

A Christian high school history teacher was sued because she answered quoting a Bible verse to a student, who asked if Gandhi had been affected by Jesus. It was about Christianity, which has been pushed out from the public in the U.S. more and more recently.

As the teacher, the main character, was facing the crisis being curiously focused on by the media, criticized from colleagues and parents, and threatened to lose her career and to ruin her finances, a group of Christian students made a surprise visit to her and sang a hymn holding candles in front of her house.

That was the turning point of the story, but it was also a scene where I was moved the most. I was recalling the overwhelming kindness I’ve received in the past two weeks when I was down with Pneumonia.

When I blogged this shower of the kindness, Arlene, George’s cousin said to me that it was the body of Christ.
The Bible calls a church or Christians to become the body of Christ, who is the head: suffer together, rejoice together, and help each other like parts of one body.
The church is not only a place to listen to a sermon or sing hymns, but also to unite under God to work together. If it happens, it is incredibly powerful. That’s what I saw in the movie, and what I have experienced.
God is Not dead. When we are ready to fall down, cry, or lose hope, He comes right next to us.
While one more affliction hit me, I was with God.

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