Pneumonia Admission

George and I were supposed to leave for our anniversary trip yesterday. Yet instead of staying in Dena Point, I wound up to stay at a hospital with Pneumonia.

I was not doing well the last couple weeks. Usually It takes a coupe days to recover from chemo infusion, but the recovery was getting slower and running nose and cough was just relentless. As I ran a low fever on Monday, I decided to hold off on the oral daily chemo, Afinitor, and canceled Tuesday’s infusion. Yet that was not good enough.

At Tuesday’s night, I ran a fever over 103F with vomit and diarrhea. The fever seemed gone with Tylenol on Wednesday morning, but it ran again in the afternoon, which sent me to the urgent care, where the blood test showed severe infection and I was told to stay over at ER.

Refusing to give up the trip, I was still praying that I would be discharged by Thursday afternoon, but a doctor said, “Oh no. You have to stay here at least a few more days.” It was so disappointing and sad.

Yet not everything was bad. I found ” God’s fingerprints” in the midst of this discouragement.

First, I am recovering with good appetite and energy. Thankful for the great antibiotics!

Second, I am receiving overwhelming get well wishes, including the owner of the vacation rental house George and I were supposed to stay. He already told me I didn’t need to worry about the cancelation because he had a cancer friend and understood the situation, but in his email, he, who knew this trip was for our anniversary, said he had been ready to welcome us decorating the property with flowers. Maybe this was a courtesy like a birthday cake with the birthday song at a restaurant, but his kindness made me feel more than just a courtesy, and I was touched deeply.

Third, I have to hold all chemo until I fully recover from pneumonia, but perhaps because of that, all numbers of the blood test, which were raising higher and higher, dropped down into the normal range. I should go back to chemo quickly, but maybe this is a good break.

This anniversary was our 22nd, and during 6 yeas of those George and I have been battling against breast cancer. If I think of how long I have been able to survive, my gratitude multiply. The life of George, who has Parkinson’s disease, and me will be steeper and steeper, but I pray that we can add good memories as many as possible until the death parts us, and at the end we can say each other; so glad to have married!

3 thoughts on “Pneumonia Admission

  1. You are such an inspiration!
    It is amazing how quickly you are recuperating from Pneumonia!
    Many, many people were praying for your recovery.

  2. HimKathy, I am so sorr I didn’t,know you were sick. I hope you are well on your way to recovery. Maybe when you are well you and George will still be able to have your celebration. Wishing you a Happy Anniversary. Get well soon. With love, Aunt Pat and Uncle Don

  3. Thank you so much for the prayers! I was discharged today (4/1), though I am still having a lot of nasty coughs and easily get tired. Now at home without the supervision, I have to watch myself very carefully not to overlord on myself, which is actually very difficult!

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