March 29th, 2016

Reason Not To Give Up

Probability and expectation are in a relative relationship. If positive probability is high, we want to bet on it, and negative probability is high we want to avoid it or get depressed. Yet the world is so complicated that there are lots of things we can’t explain with probability only.

Two thousand years ago, when Jesus was crucified, the hope of His disciples, who had believed Him as the Son of God, was also shattered. Although Jesus told them he would come back after his death, everything seemed over.

Camilla (26), my best friend’s daughter, who has been a missionary to help Gypsy orphans in Rumania, where the poverty is a major issue, told at a church that Gypsy girls get pregnant at age 12-13, and by the time when they become Camilla’s age, they have 6-7 kids who have different fathers. Without education and the income, they abandon their kids, and the kids, who can’t find the hope run for drugs, drop out school, and repeat the same cycle.

Listening to her story, I thought that in the world perhaps there are more people who are struggling with the poverty than the people, whose financial needs are met like us, and we may never be able to solve the poverty even if we keep sending the donations. I was overwhelmed.

We have been anticipating for the last day of cancer to come, but it has been a long time since we started talking about such a day.
A lady who participated in a clinical trial of a immunotherapy, the newest hot treatment, in which T cell, one of white blood cells is transformed to recognize cancer cells and attack them, said her new robust T cells could identified only two out of three hundred genetic mutations.
Only two?
Cancer, which affects even to our core of DNA, is so brutal that I feel like I will never see the day to bury cancer.

Yet, Jesus resurrected three days after the crucification.

Although the poverty seems endless, Camilla is determined to continually help the orphans by cutting the vicious cycle.

Although the enforced T-cell recognized only two mutations, the woman’s cancer has been shrinking, and she regained the hope to sustain her life.

There is a reason not to give up even if the probability of hope looks so dim: God wants us to keep moving forward and He helps us.
Being touched by His amazing plan, sacrifice, and love on Easter, my disappointments were also changed to hopes.