March 23rd, 2016

Keep Smiling

During an evaluation of Autism with a psychologist, a one-and-a-half year old boy made his eyes thin and showed his teeth widening his mouth to the sides as his mom said, ” Smile.” His expression was so cute that I, who was interpreting, couldn’t help smiling back at him.

On Skype the 88 year-old Mom who was full of wrinkles, showed a nice smile, and then I was smiling at her, too.

A smile is contagious just like tears or a grouchy face. Regardless of the age, ethnicity, or gender, if someone smiles at me, that prompts me to smile, too.

Dennis Prager, who is a radio talk show host, columnist, and author of many books, said that happiness is an obligation to make others happy, giving an example like if a waitress was grouchy or sobbing, the customers can’t enjoy the food.

That sounds so true. When I go to the clinic, most of staff including nurses, receptionists, and doctors give me nice smiles. If they didn’t, going to clinic would be more strenuous.

Even if our hearts are troubled or down, if we turn our eyes from ourselves to others, perhaps we can make a smile.

If we count our blessings and focus on the hope beyond death, perhaps we can keep smiling.

In the last picture of Lauren Hill, who died at 19 last year with brain cancer, posted on her Facebook just a few days before her death, she was smiling waving her hand in bed.

Not to mention about cancer but whenever death gets close, I know we face enormous fear and pain, but like Lauren, with the help of God, I wish to keep smiling until the end, too!