March 15th, 2016

Scary Medical Interaction

Bruce Lee is a legendary figure in action movies. The other day while I was talking with the family about Fumio Demura, a karate master, who taught even Bruce Lee a technique of nunchaku, the topic moved to Bruce Lee, who died at only age 32.

Being curious, I googled why he died so young. There had been lots of rumors circulated because he had died all of sudden in Hong Kong, but the truth is: He died of a medical interaction. He, who had a chronic back pain, was on a pain medication, but on the day he died, he had a bad headache, so he took some kind of aspirin pain medicine, also. Shortly after he went into coma, and by the time he was curried to the hospital, he was already dead.

I, who have been on several strong drugs, felt some cold air.

About a year ago, George, who just had had a vocal cord operation, also experienced a close call. He took a Norco before we went to a restaurant,in addition to blood pressure and Parkinson’s meds and he drank a glass of beer at the restaurant. Then all of sudden his blood pressure plunged and he passed out. Fortunately he woke up soon once he was lied down on a floor, but it was a frightening moment.

If I tell people that I am a cancer patient, I am recommended a variety of supplements, herbs, or nutrient foods. Even I myself have searched such things. One time as I learned a grapefruit was cleansing the liver, I started eating a lot of grapefruits everyday, and later I got freaked out being told that it would worsen the side effects of TDM1, a chemo drug I was taking that time.

Lee’s story reminded me that it is important to read a drug description thoroughly, and to make sure the supplements, herbs, etc are safe to add by asking a doctor.